Real 'change' we can believe in

I agree it's time for "change!"

The Democrats have been in control of the Minnesota State House, the Minnesota State Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate for the last two years and longer.

In that time, jobs have been lost and the Dow Jones industrials have gone from an all-time high to the current levels.

Imagine what the Democrats can do with a few more years and a bigger majority.

Like I said, it's time for a change.



Keep the wealth (in few hands)?

Recently, Sen. McCain has been condemning Sen. Obama for wanting to "spread the wealth." Apparently, McCain believes that concentrating the wealth in the hands of a few is a good thing.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has found that the United States has the highest inequality and poverty rates after Mexico and Turkey, and the gap has increased rapidly since 2000. It seems the McCain goal for America is already being achieved. Isn't it time for a change?



A pat for Franken, slap for Bachmann?

The Star Tribune's fanning the flames of Michelle Bachmann's "anti-American" statement contrasts sharply with your ignoring of Al Franken's blatantly anti-Christian history in your recent biography of him. At least you printed Katherine Kersten's column (Oct. 22 Star Tribune) revealing his incredibly hateful comments.

If Bachmann had made similar statements about people who didn't share her beliefs, I'm sure you would have headlined it as a major scandal.



Bachmann, we all love America

Oh man, Michelle. You really did it this time.

Eventually it was destined to happen. You are so "right" that eventually you would be so wrong. You are quickly becoming the crazy Auntie that your family runs from when they see you at family functions.

You are a pox on the Republican Party and most certainly you will be the butt of some pretty good jokes on SNL. Look, it is the "Crazy Senator from Minnesota."

Are you really that wacky? Do you want to be the replacement for Jesse Helms?

Unfortunately you are just showing your true colors. You are a hammer for wedge issues and you do not work well with others. It is no time for crazy people to be working in government, when people are losing their jobs and their homes. There are wars going on and we need more than flag-waving, self-righteous "Super Patriots." We need people in office that work for all of us.

We all love America. Gay, straight, Christian, non-Christian, conservative, liberals, pro-war, anti-war, vegetarians, libertarians, immigrants, black, white and all colors in between. We are all Americans. It says so in our Constitution. When you took your oath of office, you swore to represent us all. That includes those whom you might not like or agree with.

Either get used to it, or get out! I am a proud American, a liberal, ultra-left-wing Democrat. I am the daughter of a hard-working union father and a housekeeper mother. I am as American as any other citizen. I love this country, and I am sick to death of the right-wing drumming me into the ground, and I am not gonna take it any more! Nov. 4 will not be here soon enough for me.



Hypocrisy ignores past, present, party

If any portion of Katherine Kersten's article (Oct. 22 Star tribune) in regards to Al Franken's past comments are true, how then could Hillary Clinton, certainly aware of Franken's past, come to Minnesota on his behalf?

It just goes to prove that regardless of one's past or present, if you are a member of either party, the hypocritical hierarchy of that party will lend their support.



What happened to being 'United'?

It seems like campaigns get nastier and nastier with each election. The candidates say they use negative ads because they work. If this is true, then maybe it is time for the American people to say "ENOUGH."

We are no longer the United States of America, we are the red states and the blue states. This campaign is dividing this country on race, gender and class as well as who is American or un-American.

It is shameful! Whatever happened to honesty and integrity?



New socialists just the old socialists

The neo-socialists, epitomized by Obama, Biden and cheer-led by the mainstream media and those that can't do but teach at major universities, give a new spin to an old yarn. They cleverly focus the class warfare on a smaller percentage of the rich and claim that it would not negatively impact the average citizen. It's only negative to those at the very top. Since, of course, that makes it OK.

These neo-socialists believe that the libertarian principles sowed into the Declaration of Independence and harvested in the U.S. Constitution are outdated, and they view freedom with disdain. They would even try to redefine freedom for us and explain how patriotic it is to be taxed. This new socialism promises to make people happy at the expense of a small minority which we don't like anyway.

But encouraging those at the top to work less translates to less tax revenue in the long run, which means that the commitments for all the new permanent entitlement programs will fall on lower and lower tax brackets, encouraging everyone to work less and producing a feedback loop of inefficiency and corruption that will ultimately end up in the collapse of the economy and loss of happiness for many generations.

Some will argue that we should learn to live with less and expect less to be happy. I would argue that we should hope for everything, but expect nothing. Just as we should not depend on the government to make us happy, we should not depend on consumption to make us happy. You don't need most of the things advertised to you. It's a vicious cycle to work for the corporation that sells you the things you don't need so you can work for the corporation.

But translating the logic of needing less into taking away what you have because someone else determined you don't need it is immoral.

What the neo-reds don't understand is that while we may not need many things to be happy, the one thing we do need is the freedom to want whatever it is we want.

Society can mock you for wanting that Escalade, but what kind of society says, "No, you can't have that Escalade?" What the neo-socialist fears the most is the same thing the old socialist feared -- that people will choose for themselves and not be in lock-step with the needs of the utopian society.