Adrian Peterson’s agent, Ben Dogra, told ESPN on Monday: “I don’t think it’s in Adrian’s best interest to play in Minnesota. Why would it be?” The Star Tribune’s Chip Scoggins and Michael Rand have different opinions about what the Vikings should do with Peterson in the aftermath, while readers have mixed feelings about the whole affair (though more than 70 percent who voted in a Star Tribune poll think the Vikings should keep him unless they are blown away by a trade offer. Here are thoughts from all of them:


It’s clear that Peterson and his camp are floating his unhappiness at every opportunity because they want to create that fatigue. They want the Vikings to get to a point where they see no alternative but to trade him as soon as possible. They’re trying to back the Vikings into a corner to a point where the organization throws its hands up and says, “This situation is hopeless. Let’s just move on.”

The Vikings shouldn’t budge UNLESS a team comes in and blows them away with a trade offer. That apparently hasn’t happened yet so why rush into a bad deal? The Vikings hold all the leverage in this situation. Peterson is under contract for the next few seasons. He’s scheduled to make nearly $13 million this season.

Make him honor his contract for one more season.


The Vikings, of course, need to play this correctly (as they have so far). They need to maintain a public stance that they intend to keep Peterson. Under no circumstance should they give him a raise or a new contract — not now, after the way this has unfolded. Under no circumstance should they release him. Giving him a raise sends the wrong message, and keeping him in any way creates a cloud over the entire 2015 season. Releasing him brings nothing in return.

What they should do, and what they probably are doing, is quietly shop him to the highest bidder in a trade. They don’t need to be blown away by an offer. They just need to get as good a deal as they can get.

And then they need to move on from one of the five greatest players to ever wear a Vikings uniform as fast as they can. comments

gogonancy: Tell his agent to go fly a kite, the Vikings are keeping him. Let AP experience some humble pie. After what he put the team (through) this last season, he needs to learn some humility.

writeon: I can’t imagine any Viking really wants him in their locker room, now. But, I would hate to see the Viking get rid of him only because they will get nothing for him, and he will have had, again, gotten his way.

dorkeemn: He has burned every bridge here. Any hopes of him coming back and being happy/productive are gone.

dleits: I would like to see him and his bad attitude move on, but with the Vikings also receiving some decent value in return. But this is a business transaction, and I like the way the Vikings are playing their cards.