Jon Marthaler bakes up a batch of delicious links just for you. Other times, you can find him here and here. Jon?

It's Saturday again, and time once more for an edition of the weekend links. Let's get right to it:

*Given that it's Saturday morning, what better way to start off than an epsiode of the original American Gladiators? (I don't know how long this has been around, but I could not be more thrilled. It's still a goal of mine to reproduce the Assault course in my backyard, and anybody else who was nine in the early 1990s would be forced to admit the same.)

*I enjoyed that this was reported as actual news: Via Deadspin, an article titled Finally, Objective Proof that Referees Favor Manchester United. Speaking on behalf of English soccer fans everywhere: Duh. It's one of those obvious things that there's no point in getting would up about, like the media's inexplicable love for Derek Jeter, or watching Duke get all the calls at Cameron Indoor. (Commenter Nathan may be along in awhile to attempt to refute this point. Do not listen to a word he says.)

*Ah, the Raiders. You just can't top 'em. You'd think a franchise that is a combined 25-73 since 2003 - worse than the Lions over the same period - would have better things to worry about than the person broadcasting the game. I guess, though, you'd be wrong.

*Quick, time for a short discussion of the Wildcat formation! On one side, reasonably-respected ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski. On the other side, Brian Goff, an economist. Ready, set, go! (This article is particularly beneficial if you enjoy liberal use of the term "expected benefit" in your NFL analysis.)

That'll do it for me. Enjoy the weekend. (And also: congratulations to regular contributor Brandon on getting married. You may write your own VORP- and wOBA-related jokes, and submit them in the comments.)

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