Jon Marthaler bakes up a batch of delicious links just for you. Other times, you can find him here and here. Also, upon further review: Kraig Applecherry did some more effective online sleuthing and was able to find the Kathy Griffin T-shirt in question from yesterday. That is what you see on the right.



I'm not sure I should say much of anything up top this week. Last week, I wrote about how bad football in the Metrodome had been, and look what happened; now I'm afraid any mini-essay I punch out will again seem to have a nightmarish effect on the world. And we do have a lot of links. So let's just get right to them:

*You might have thought that jokes about Carl Pavano's mustache had been played out. You might have thought that Stu couldn't keep throwing his 105-mph fastball for an entire season. Then you read Stu's latest effort at Twinkie Town, and you realize: you were wrong, so wrong, so unbelievably and totally wrong. (Warning: Salty Stu language).

*I try not to link to Joe Posnanski, because if I linked to everything great he wrote I'd do nothing but type up links to Joe Posnanski posts, but you simply must read his post about Ron Gardenhire.

*Former NFL safety Matt Bowen writes about head injuries in this Chicago Tribune article, in what seems to be the latest in a line of concussion-related tales from former players. This is a problem. Head injuries are a serious problem. And as far as I can tell, there's exactly one solution, and it's something most football fans, including me, will not want to talk about.

*Over at Twins Target, Shawn Berg looks at Twins prospect Estarlin de los Santos, who is mostly notable for being the guy everyone wants dropped from the 40-man roster every time there's a move that needs to be made. Berg, like most fans, wants to know: Who is this international man of mystery?

*And finally, in less serious news: Who wants to see a airline safety demonstration that features the New Zealand national rugby team? (Even if, like me, you're trying to figure out why several of the people in the video have accents that sound like an Australian trying to speak with a French accent. Do I just not know enough about the Kiwis?)

That'll do it for me. Enjoy your Saturday, especially if you're headed out to the Twins or Gophers game, or if like Rand you're going to both in the hopes of earning your Sports Overconsumption badge.