Week 1 NFL power rankings:

1. Rams (1-0)

It’s early, but looks like dream-team money well spent.

2. Eagles (1-0)

Offense was anemic, but defense controlled Matt Ryan.

3. Patriots (1-0)

New offensive line passes stiff test versus Texans.

4. Vikings (1-0)

Much room for improvement, but defense can be dominant.

5. Jaguars (1-0)

Held a re-energized Giants offense to 15 points.

6. Chiefs (1-0)

Tyreek Hill is the NFL’s most dynamic player.

7. Ravens (1-0)

Is this too much credit for pounding Nathan Peterman?

8. Steelers (0-0-1)

Pittsburgh, you have a serious problem without Le’Veon Bell.

9. Packers (1-0)

If Aaron Rodgers is on the field, little else matters.

10. Falcons (0-1)

Tough Week 1 schedule shouldn’t sink an NFC contender.

11. Broncos (1-0)

Case was good. Case was bad. Case Keenum won. Again.

12. Buccaneers (1-0)

Thanks for blowing up everyone’s suicide pool, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

13. Bears (0-1)

Khalil Mack’s debut still stunning despite Rodgers’ heroics.

14. Dolphins (1-0)

Ryan Tannehill and Co. win wild shootout against Titans.

15. Panthers (1-0)

Norv Turner’s offense struggles, but defense slams Cowboys.

16. Jets (1-0)

Rookie Sam Darnold shakes off first-play pick-six.

17. Bengals (1-0)

Andy Dalton’s two fourth-quarter drives earn win at Indy.

18. Redskins (1-0)

Will AP play long enough to change name to AARP?

19. Seahawks (0-1)

Defense comes up with three picks against Keenum.

20. Chargers (0-1)

Offense was good. Everything else wasn’t.

21. Giants (0-1)

Pat Shurmur’s offense won’t be facing Jaguars every week.

22. 49ers (0-1)

Jimmy Garoppolo won’t be facing Vikings defense every week.

23. Texans (0-1)

If they can stay healthy, they’ll contend in AFC South.

24. Titans (0-1)

Not a great start for Marcus Mariota, Mike Vrabel, defense, etc.

25. Colts (0-1)

Defense fell apart late at home to spoil Andrew Luck’s return.

26. Cardinals (0-1)

Sam Bradford’s desert debut: 6 points on 213 yards.

27. Raiders (0-1)

Jon Gruden needs to do better to quiet Mack attacks.

28. Cowboys (0-1)

The once-mighty Dallas offensive line has fallen.

29. Lions (0-1)

Matt Patricia’s debut couldn’t have been much worse.

30. Saints (0-1)

Saints’ pass defense still handing out miracles.

31. Browns (0-1-1)

Plus-five in turnovers. At home. And still no win?

32. Bills (0-1)

A Peterman and a poor defense get you nipped 47-3.