The Vikings just started Wednesday's practice and every player is participating at least on a limited basis.

That obviously is enouraging news for the Vikings and for rookie Percy Harvin in particular. Harvin visited the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday with a team doctor to see specialists about two bulging disks in his neck.

Harvin told NBC about the problem on Saturday and he confirmed his trip to Mayo. He declined to talk specifics but said it was a productive meeting.  

"Yeah, it’s a relief," he said. "Without going into it, we had a great visit and came up with a great plan. I saw great doctors and it should be good from now on. I’m all good."
Vikings coach Brad Childress talked about Harvin's health at length during his Wednesday press conference.
“He had a good visit down at Mayo," he said. "I’m not going to categorize that because I’m out of my lane there but a good visit and I think we’ve got a good plan going forward in terms of managing those things.
“I know bulging disks got reported but probably a bunch of guys here got bulging disks. The key is they are not herniated disks. I think that’s the definition. Without getting into too much cervical spine stuff, that’s not a concern to us.”
Both Childress and Harvin said they established a good "plan."
"It’s a lot of different areas," Childress said. "Too numerous to go into but a good fascinating meeting for him.”
Harvin missed nearly two weeks of practices while dealing with severe migraines so Childress was obviously pleased to have his rookie on the field for Wednesday's practice.
"I think the biggest improvement we’ll get is obviously he is here today, at practice and just to be able to go through the game plan with his teammates and the film study, even though he has some of those plays committed to memory," Childress said. "He wasn’t available until late in the week. Friday was kind of a crash course for him and Saturday but it’s always better with a little bit more preparation to be a little bit more settled. The place you are going to be and what players you are attacking."