I haven't played a video game since Space Invaders was all the rage, but that doesn't mean I'm not still looking for a heart-pounding onscreen challenge. It's just that I prefer words to warriors. I've found my bliss in funtrivia.com, a site with enough quizzes and brainteasers to make Alex Trebek's mind reel. Players can choose from tens of thousands of tests on everything from "The Science of Sleep" to "Baseball Players' Anagrams." There are 21 quizzes alone on the subject of the Dave Matthews Band, all ranging from super-duper easy to extremely difficult. Die-hard competitors can take their place in a weeklong "Knockout" tour in which you go up against 16 strangers from around the world with the winner getting an ... onscreen badge. Hey, what do you want for free? The workout to your brainwaves should be reward enough.