Smartphones and tablets are designed to shut off when they become too hot or too cold. That can be inconvenient, though. Phoozy's Apollo cases offer extra protection to prevent overheating and extend battery life in frigid weather.

Promoted as "spacesuit technology for every adventure," they are designed for extreme conditions using a patented chromium thermal barrier that draws on NASA and aerospace research. Up to 90% of the sun's heat is reflected away to maintain a safe operating temperature. An inner layer provides insulation in cold environments, extending the device's battery life up to four times as long as an uncased phone.

This was easy to test. I took a drive with two phones sitting on the dashboard — one in a Phoozy case and another left uncased. I kept the music playing from the uncased phone, so I knew it was working. Suddenly the music stopped. I pulled over and sure enough, the phone had shut off because of the heat. But the Phoozy-ed phone was fine and ready to take over.

Phoozys come in various sizes to fit almost all of today's smartphones and tablets. They also will keep your device afloat if you accidentally drop it in water. Check for a sizing chart and a variety of colors and styles, including the ultralight and slim Apollo Series ($30), the Apollo II ($35), designed for urban everyday-carry use, and the Apollo II Antimicrobial ($40), with an added microbe-fighting barrier.

GREGG ELLMAN, Tribune News Service