Is the weather glass half-full or half-empty? Depends on who you ask. Snow lovers are feeling blue, although it's been consistently cold enough for ski resorts to be making snow. Cold, crystalline water is a big part of our identity in Minnesota. Brown (green) lawns are disorienting in early December, but at least the odds of fender-benders goes way down.

November is the cloudiest month of the year, but a third of the days last month were sunny. My friend Mark Seely tells me that November 2020 may rank among the seven warmest, statewide, since 1895. Less money on heating bills. Yes, it's a mixed blessing.

What's going on here, Paul? If you're feeling snow-remorse, blame the shape of the jet stream. Our biggest storms arrive when steering winds are blowing from New Mexico, pushing moisture north. Until further notice, winds aloft blow from the Pacific; a relatively mild and dry pattern forecast to spill into much of December. Expect a string of 40s from Wednesday into next week. One odd winter indeed.