At a recent talk in Burnsville, a gentleman raised his hand with a good question. "Paul, I hear it just snowed 4 feet somewhere in Montana. Doesn't that refute global warming?" The planet (atmosphere, oceans and cryosphere — the ice caps) are warming over time, but it's still going to snow, especially northern tier states and higher elevations.

Warmer air can hold more water vapor, and this results in heavier rainfall (and snow if temperatures are low enough aloft). Weather systems appear to be tracking slower, more prone to stalling, which can boost rainfall and snowfall totals. Weather and climate are flip sides of the same coin. All weather is local, but try to keep a global perspective on trends.

Exhibit A: Make it stop raining! Skies clear today with a good-looking Friday, before the next inevitable storm arrives with rain Saturday. Sunday won't win any awards (windy and cool with a few PM showers).

Before you let out a primal scream — postcard weather returns next week with a string of 60s.