If you're killing office time today by scanning the Internet for this and that, you've certainly seen the photo of a weasel clinging to the back of a flying woodpecker. This happened in England, captured on camera by an alert and extremely lucky photographer. The bird is a European Green Woodpecker, a fairly large fellow, a foot or slightly more in length. The weasel runs seven to nine inches. The woodpecker eats ants, which probably explains why it was on the ground when jumped by the ambitious mammal, which will eat birds. Weasels are known for ferocity and disregard of what might seem like odds-against. They can't fly, though. The news stories coming from England all mention that the woodpecker escaped, apparently good to go. Unmentioned is concern for the weasel, which fell off, its end of the story unknown. Just Google "woodpecker weasel." There is no end of coverage.