Doug Spencer, the WCHA's associate commissioner for public relations, said on Tuesday that he has heard and read about the shouting incident Saturday between Gophers coaches Don Lucia and Grant Potulny and Michigan Tech assistant coach Billy Muckalt.

He said the referees and linesmen who work a game always send a report to Greg Shepherd, the league's director of officials. Spencer said he has not seen the report on Saturday's game, but whether the league takes any action will depend largely on what it says.

Spencer said it takes time to investigate incidents but, if there is any disciplinary action, the league tries to hand it out the week after something happens.

"Our coaches are unbelievably well-behaved when you look at other sports," Spencer said.

The WCHA has a code of conduct/sportsmanship which applies to coaches and student-athletes, he said, and there is a provision about nasty language.

But Spencer said things happen sometimes in the "heat of the moment"  and mentioned that everyone shook hands at the end of Saturday's game.

Lucia used the same "heat of the moment" phrase on his radio show on Monday in talking about what happened. Lucia also said that he regretted the trash-talking between coaches late in the Gophers's 6-2 victory over Michigan Tech  at Mariucci Arena.

Lucia said he was upset because the Huskies were getting too aggressive A handful of penalties, mostly for roughing, were handed out in the final minutes of Saturday's game.

Reading between the lines, it seems unlikely the WCHA will take any action in this matter and considers it closed. If the officials' report does contain any hidden bombshells, I could see the three coaches possibly be given reprimands at worst. Don't think so, though.