Q I recently purchased a Motorola Razr V3 cell phone and would like to transfer photos from it to my computer, which runs Windows Vista. But when I connect my transfer cable between phone and computer, the PC doesn't recognize that the phone is there. I would e-mail the photos to the PC, but I don't have Web access on the phone. What should I do?


A Here are some things to try.

You may be able to use a memory card. Verizon says that if your Razr phone has a slot for a removable memory card you could store your photos on the card, then remove the card to transfer the photos to your PC (your PC needs to have a card reader). But not all Razr phones have memory cards; remove the phone's battery to see if it has a memory card slot.

You can use picture messaging even if you don't subscribe to Verizon's cell phone e-mail service. For 25 cents per picture, you can send photos to your PC's e-mail account using your phone's picture messaging software.

You can use free software, called P2kCommander, that treats your phone as if were another computer. It lets you transfer pictures, video and other files from your cell phone to your PC using your phone's phone-to-PC cable. While Verizon says it doesn't support such software, it doesn't say the software won't work. P2kCommander can be found at handheld.softpedia.com/get/Developer-Tools/File-Manager/P2kCommander-38120.shtml.

Q I've been sending e-mails to a friend, but she isn't receiving them, even though both of us use Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail e-mail service. If I reply to an e-mail she sends to me, she doesn't receive it. I don't have this problem with anyone else.


A Check to see if your friend has inadvertently added you to her Hotmail "blocked senders" list, which would result in your e-mail to her being automatically deleted. Go to the options button at the upper-right part of the Hotmail screen, then choose "more options," "junk e-mail," "safe and blocked senders" and "blocked senders." Follow the directions to change blocked addresses.

Q When my Firefox Web browser is updated, it erases my bookmarks. Will this ever be fixed?


A When you download a new version of Firefox, the setup program asks if you want to import your bookmarks -- meaning copy them -- from your existing Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. You should click yes.

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