AUG. 16

Suspicious activity. Police received a report of a vehicle backing up to hook up a boat in the driveway of a residence in the 12000 block of 40th Street. The complainant knew the residents were out of town, but police determined the boat was being moved into the garage of the home and there was no illegal activity.


AUG. 18

Bicyclist without lights. A man was cited for biking in the evening without reflectors or lights in the area of Hudson Boulevard and Lake Elmo Avenue.


AUG. 17

Theft of boat. A sailboat was reported missing from its buoy on the St. Croix River. The boat was eventually found south of the buoy. The chain had snapped and it had drifted away.

AUG. 16

Drug concern. Police checked on a report of people smoking marijuana in a vehicle at the Vali-Hi Drive-In, 11260 Hudson Blvd. Police determined the people in the vehicle were burning a mosquito repellent coil.


AUG. 15

Missing horses. Two miniature horses, one brown, one white, escaped from their pens in the 13000 block of 177th Street, according to police reports. Police were unable to find them.


AUG. 17

Theft. Working from a tip by Eagan authorities, police determined that a man had swindled Twin Cities Pawn, 1021 Geneva Av., out of $900 by selling fake gold necklaces that pass the test of real gold.

Suspicious activity. A woman in the 6700 block of Upper 35th Street reported a phone call from a man who said he works for FedEx and had a $1.25 million check for her from Publishers Clearinghouse. The man wanted the woman to send him $450 but she refused.


AUG. 17

Disturbance. Police responded to a report of five to six people "yelling, screaming and banging around" in the 18000 block of Langly Avenue. Police heard nothing when they arrived but contacted the owner of the home from which the noises came. He stated it could have his son and his friends who were there earlier.


AUG. 15

Vandalism and property damage. Police received several reports of trash cans tipped over and mailboxes damaged in the vicinity of Northridge Avenue and 26th Street.


AUG. 14

Suspicious activity. Police at Carver Lake beach, 3175 Century Av., were alerted to a man taking photos of girls and women in beach wear. Police made contact with the man who had a camera hidden in his lap underneath a towel and newspaper. The man told police he was taking pictures of people. He deleted the nearly 50 images while an officer watched. The man then left the beach after being advised by the police to do so.

AUG. 16

Injured hawk. A hawk that appeared to be injured was reported near East Ridge High School, 4200 Pioneer Dr. Police arrived but did not have the proper equipment to move such a large bird. The complainant was advised to contact the Raptor Center.

Lightning strike to home. Police responded to a report of a lightning strike to a residence in the 2400 block of Sandstone Drive. Police observed that a TV in the home was smoking and several circuits were not working. The Woodbury Fire Department was also on the scene investigating the damage.

Items are selected from reports made to police and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime in a neighborhood or community.