Some art for your sunny spring noon. Absolutely fascinating gallery of illustrations from Krokodil, the defunct Soviet satire mag. There’s the usual Bosch-like depiction of capitalism . . .

. . . but also some nasty jabs at the realities of Soviet life. Aside from the alcoholism, sexism, and child abuse, truly a worker's paradise.

Also in Art: This is almost, almost sort-of true. 

Being a “geek” isn’t such a terrible thing in 2015. In fact, obsessively collecting vinyl records or amassing absurd amounts of useless knowledge about superheroes is kinda cool now. Now, German artist Uwe De Witt has found a way to combine his love of music and comics in a way that’s sure to please geeks everywhere.

Sorry; amassing absurd amounts of superhero lore isn’t kinda cool. Imagine some classic manifestation of cool. Say, Miles Davis. Now imagine that person saying “”Actually, in the fourth alternate universe series where Superman was vulnerable to Puce Kryptonite, Jack Kirby did some backgrounds” in a peevish tone because someone was MISTAKEN about that. Anyway: the illustrations are worth a look. Probably not safe for work on account of Nicki Manaj. 

Speaking of which: I've seen one episode of the new Netflix series, and liked it. Rather dim, though. Fits the subject matter, but it makes the lighting in the "X-Files" look like the set of "Laugh-in."

Related: via Coudal, some French pulp covers. Not as good as Yank versions, but you may enjoy. Warning: there’s a warning. Blogger pops up with this hand-waving message: “Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable.”

Hard to see why, unless it’s the rote objectification one would find in cheap-book covers of books from the early half of the previous century. Is that it? Really? History is objectionable! Avert your eyes!

VotD Manhole skeet shooting would look a lot like this:

TECH Looking for poorly argued clickbait? Here’s a piece from Bloomberg called “Apple Watch Demand: Sizzle or Fizzle?” Because those are the only two options.

Anyone skimming the news today would think the Apple Watch, which officially goes on sale April 24, is a runaway hit. “Apple Watch (nearly) sold out in 30 minutes,” wrote Fortune. “All models of the Apple Watch appear to be sold out,” reported the Washington Post. Every model, at every price point, was snapped up by eager shoppers and shipping dates were pushed out well beyond April 24 into May and even June. But if you poke beneath the numbers, a different story emerges. My Bloomberg colleague Tim Higgins notes that customers were able to try on the watch in select Apple stores today, yet they didn’t line up in droves to get their hands on the product.

Apple sold out on the first day, moving a million watches.