"Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace," said the Dalai Lama. I vaguely remember inner peace. Someone freeze me like a Popsicle and thaw me out in 2022.

I achieved some inner peace gazing at the weather models this morning. A mild bias will spark an outbreak of smiles, shorts and sunglasses late next week, and maybe the week after that.

A frost can't be ruled out in the outlying suburbs Friday and Sunday. On average, the official first 32-degree low at MSP comes on Oct. 13. The first tenth of an inch of snow usually arrives Nov. 6. And the average first skid-worthy inch of slush comes Nov. 21.

A few more instability showers pop up today, and a stray shower is possible Saturday, but this weekend looks drier than it did a few days ago.

Next week is just the appetizer, with a shot at 70F on Tuesday. The NOAA's GFS model predicts metro highs near 80 from Oct. 8-12 before a cold front bursts our balmy-weather bubble. Meditate on this: Good leaf-peeping weather is coming.