I can't decide whether to dress up as Donald Trump or Taylor Swift for Halloween this year. Maybe I'll stalk the neighbors dressed as El Niño? Be afraid.

Models hint at a few showers this afternoon and evening. I don't expect a steady, soaking rain; temps will be right around 50 for trick-or-treating. We've seen much worse.

Speaking of rain, a suburb of Austin, Texas, picked up 7 inches of rain in one hour yesterday — 15 to 18 inches total on ground already saturated from Hurricane Patricia. More signs of an El Niño-energized pattern kicking in? Probably.

This same warm stain in the Pacific will pump unseasonably mild air into Minnesota next week; highs reach the 60s from Sunday into Wednesday. The latest ECMWF (European) model hints at 70 next Wednesday. I know, what November?

Models spin up a big (rain) storm the end of next week — it should feel more like November within two weeks.

Halloween 2015? More treat than trick. Set your clocks back tonight!