If you’re not a Photoshop wiz or just don’t have the time, Vivid-Pix Restore is a great one-click software for image restoration of digital images. It’s straightforward: Select your digital image and the software gives you nine choices, each with a slightly different correction of your original image. Choose what looks best and save it. Batch-editing is also a choice for large quantities.

You can do further adjustments, which I didn’t because I liked the choices that the software (for Mac and Windows) gave me. But you can adjust contrast, brightness, color and rotate/tilt.

Obviously, pictures needing to be brought back to life have to be digital files, but once you scan in your prints or slides, color or black and white, the results are almost magical. Within the preferences you choose the JPG quality, sharpening and other features, which are all done when you do the single click. Images can be saved as JPGs or TIFF format.

Each image takes seconds and what I liked from the dozen or so images on which I tried Vivid-Pix Restore’s patented AI image restoration, it didn’t blow out the colors and whites like auto setting on other photo software I’ve tried. Metadata can also be added to the images. (vivid-pix.com, $50, free trial available)