It probably shouldn't have taken this long, but the WNBA announced today that its players will be included in the new version of the "NBA Live" video game, which is scheduled to be released next month for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

WNBA commissioner Lisa Borders tweeted the news Thursday morning.

WNBA stars including Maya Moore went to the California headquarters of EA Sports for detailed head scans, according to the gaming website, The project is a natural follow-up for the company, which has included 12 women's national soccer teams in its "FIFA 16" and "FIFA 17" games. For now, the WNBA teams will not be able to play against NBA teams or in career modes, although those enhancements could be added to future editions.

Here's a look at a hype video that was released today:

On, Yuti Joshi wrote: "This will be a pivotal moment in the official WNBA’s roster of teams as they get ready to debut in a video game. In order to incorporate the players, the NBA LIVE 18 team went through a rigorous process. This entailed conducting head scans of star athletes and fine-tuning player ratings and skill moves in order to present the league and its stars in the most authentic way possible."

If it's that authentic, of course, you'll be hard pressed to make the Lynx lose.

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