Walmart gave out $5 million in bonuses this week to Minnesota workers to reward them for working through the coronavirus pandemic.

It was the third bonus workers have received during the past three months.

Full-time hourly associates and drivers received $300, part-time and temporary associates received $150 and assistant managers earned $400, the company said. Bonuses were given to associates who have been with the company since June 5.

“Walmart continues to look for ways to reward and recognize its associates while staying focused on their overall well-being and safety,” the Arkansas-based company said in a release.

Companywide, Walmart has invested nearly $1 billion in cash bonuses and other employee initiatives. Besides the bonuses, Walmart also bumped pay temporarily until May 25.

Deemed essential workplaces, many grocery companies have rewarded employees for the risks involved with working through the pandemic through efforts such as pay raises, bonuses and new benefits.