AMC’s new zombie show, “Be Increasingly Apprehensive About Ambulatory Coma Patients,” had its third show last night. Eh. The hospital sequence was good, if only to assure us that the budget per episode is more than $49.99, but there’s still no one you really want to root for. Heroin Boy, who’s an energetic Mr. Resourceful in-between shuddering fits of withdrawl? Weak-tea Dad, who’s picked a rather curious time to come out against firearms? I like the Stoic Barber, who is Wise in the Ways of Things, but he’s as much of a cliche as everyone else. Worst part so far: “we have to make it through the riot to the truck, which will be untouched by the collapse of the social order because the script requires it.”

Of course I’ll keep watching. What else is there that’s new on Sunday night.

GEEKThis may be the oldest, longest callback in comic-book journalism. Either that or I’m so disconnected from comic-book journalism that I’m unaware it’s a persistent cliche. Anyway:

“We were at one of our glorious Marvel publishing retreats and certain characters got brought up, sometimes almost accidentally, and I found out that nobody had anything going on with Mary Jane,” recalls Bendis.

Right there I’m confused, because I thought she was married to Peter Parker. So the execrable newspaper strip has it. I think they’re fighting Namor now. What was his nickname? Ol’ Wing Ankles? It’s been a while.

Anyway, pt. 2: they decided to pair her up with Tony Stark, replacing one redhead with another. But, as one comment asks with plaintive tone: “That mj is the 616 universe or ultimate?” Can’t help you there, pal. So the headline for the story is this: Face It, Tony Stark, You Just Hit the Jackpot Let us travel back 49 years to Amazing Spider-Man #42, in 1966:

I got it right away, but that was my era.

WEB For a while everyone was bullish on Medium, which let people write stories on a common platform. Like a group-blog, but crowdsourced, if that wasn’t a bygone buzzword by the time it launched. It’s been contracting lately, but the main page is still rambling along. Here are some teasers on the front page right now. Test yourself to see if any of these are interesting.

Lately I’ve been pretty obsessed with Kurt Cobain. My husband accused me of having a crush on him. I don’t have a crush on him. But I do have a crush on my youth…


Would you like to write a fragrance commercial that’s just as good as…

As what? Would it have killed you to put a bit more in the tease? No.

Kyle has never really liked being a Werewolf. Until tonight. And tonight of all nights is the strangest night to come to that conclusion since Kyle’s wife, Tess is curled in the back seat of their Nissan, minutes from giving birth. They are rushing to a hospital, the best mediocre hospital that the mediocre insurance plan from his mediocre job can afford. But…

Oh my stars no. 

For the past few days I’ve been trying to catch Colbert’s new show. I read some good recaps but finally caved last night when I…

The last one concerns the difficulty of watching TV online as it happens. The author notes: “This is a choice that CBS is actively deciding to make. If you’re up late online, the only way to watch The Late Show is through piracy. Why are they doing it?” I’m going to creep way out on a limb and say “it’s because they want you to watch it on TV, for various nefarious reasons that have to do with commercials and cable fees." 

LIT Now you can be a smarty-pants in any literary conversation: the real meaning of Frost’s most famous poem, “A Road Not Taken.” Bonus points for a headline that doesn’t say “You’ve Doing Frost Interpretation Wrong.” Even though you probably have.