Yes, cute cat, you can has cheezburger and a film festival too. Buried in the Walker Art Center’s summer events calendar is Aug. 30’s Internet Cat Film Festival. But after a flurry of online buzz Tuesday, the fest is looking like the next Sundance (for cat lovers, at least). That's right: just like a cute kitten video, news of the festival has gone viral. The L.A. Times and Mashable are excited. Across the Atlantic, the BBC and Daily Mail have posted stories. Gawker’s headline captured the seriousness with which people take their cat video viewing: “And so it begins …”

Indeed, it has. The Walker is asking people to nominate their favorite cat videos, presumably culled from personal collections or their all-time favorites on YouTube. The chosen few, curated by Katie Czarniecki Hill (the Walker’s self-described "cat-lady-in-residence") will play on an outdoor screen as part of the art center’s Open Field program. Since most classic cat videos are pretty short, I’m sure the Walker will be able to pack in quite the line-up of lolcat cuteness. Speaking of classics, here’s a few that just have to make the cut:

"Treadmill Kittens":

"Cat Jumps on Child" (a silent masterpiece):

"Kitten Surprise" (wait till the 32 second mark):


To nominate a cat video, go here (nominations end July 30).

Details: 8-9 p.m. Aug. 30. 1750 Hennepin Av., Mpls. 612-375-7600.