Entertainers weigh in on vote

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight and American-Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman have weighed in on the Israeli election with appeals to support candidates on opposing ends of the political spectrum.

Voight, a longtime conservative activist and critic of President Obama, released a Web clip urging Israeli voters to return Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to office for a fourth term in Tuesday's parliamentary election. The "Midnight Cowboy" star has frequently commented on Israeli affairs, an interest he has credited in part to his close association with the Chabad Hasidic movement in the United States.

Silverman has tweeted her support for the Meretz party, a faction that strongly supports Palestinian statehood and is backing Netanyahu's main rival, Isaac Herzog for the premiership. Polls have Meretz hovering slightly above the minimum electoral threshold of four seats, raising the possibility it might be blocked out of parliament for the first time. The comic has a personal connection to the party through her sister Susan Silverman, a Jerusalem Reform rabbi and social activist who is in the 20th slot on the Meretz ticket.

Bloomberg News