Large photos of birds colliding with windows are featured in a new exhibit at the Bell Museum of Natural History, University of Minnesota. The images were created by artist Miranda Brandon who used dead birds collected from downtown Minneapolis streets after they collided with windows there. The show is entitled, “Impact — Birds in the Human-built World.” Brandon arranged the dead birds for her camera to show the moment of impact. The photos are far larger than life, making the death scenes very vivid. The twisted bodies of the birds leave no question about the force of impact and its result. The exhibit opened on Feb. 14. It continues until April 19. Brandon is a volunteer in the BirdSafe program working to eliminate or reduce hazards to migrating birds, particularly in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. Most of the bird deaths occurring in our two downtowns happen during spring migration. Birds fly into windows thinking the reflected image is reality. BirdSafe is a project of the Bell museum, Audubon Minnesota, and other partners. Also on display in the exhibit are various window treatments designed to warn birds away from collisions.

The photos above and below show two window-glass treatments designed to warn birds away possible collision.