Vince Flynn was working on a 14th Mitch Rapp novel when he died in June.      Star Tribune photo by Jim Gehrz.

Vince Flynn, the author of the best-selling Mitch Rapp political thrillers, was working on the 14th installment in the series, titled "The Survivor," when he died of cancer in June. The book was to have been released in October.

His publisher, SImon & Schuster, has released a statement saying that the St. Paul native's book is "postponed indefinitely" because it is "too soon to know" how much he had completed.

Ordinarily Vince's editor, Emily Bestler, would have been in constant communication with him about the book, but during his last six months, Flynn's health was the only priority, said Simon & Schuster spokesman David Brown: "We know Vince was working, we just don't know yet what he was able to accomplish. It's just a matter of waiting for an appropriate time to sit down with his family and discuss everything. Right now we're still mourning the loss."

The implication of the statement seems to be that if it is determined there is enough material to publish the book posthumously, another writer or editor may be called in to finish it. Otherwise, it will likely be cancelled.

The same holds true for a collaboration Flynn was working on with writer Brian Haig, the statement said, though that book is still available for pre-order.

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