There are numerous numbers that can be used to illustrate just how poorly the Vikings are playing in the second half.

Here's the No. 1 number in my book (other than point differential of 41-3, of course):

Third-down conversions: Vikings 1-for-9 (11.1 percent); Opponents 8-for-12 (66.7).

In 60 minutes of second-half football, the Vikings' offense has converted one first down. One. It was 0-for-4 in Sunday's 24-20 loss to Tampa. The Bucs were 5-for-6.

Meanwhile, it's also fairly obvious that teams are making adjustments throughout the game to stop Adrian Peterson from gashing them. Here's Peterson's numbers, broken down by quarters:

First quarter: 15 carries, 66 yards (4.4), one TD.

Second quarter: 9 carries, 91 yards (10.1), one TD.

Third quarter: 8 carries, 28 yards (3.5).

Fourth quarter: 9 carries, 33 yards (3.7).