The Vikings will air their photo-bombing complaint against Wells Fargo on Jan. 15 in U.S. District Court in St. Paul.

The Vikings say that Wells Fargo violated a two-year-old agreement by erecting illuminated signs on the rooftops of the bank’s two new 17-story office towers adjacent to the new U.S. Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

The team wants the judge to issue an order requiring Wells Fargo to remove the signs. Judge Donovan Frank will hear arguments on that request in his St. Paul courtroom.

Frank also said Wells Fargo must file a response to the Vikings’ lawsuit no later than Jan. 8. The bank has yet to file a substantive response, but has released a short public statement saying that company officials were “satisfied with the signage package” they’ve installed.

The Vikings say that Wells Fargo had agreed not to put mounted signs on the rooftops of the buildings. They say the new signs will be unwelcome additions to photos of U.S. Bank Stadium that are broadcast during events.

The NFL team filed the lawsuit last week in Hennepin County District Court.

Wells Fargo had the case moved to federal court, which is a common procedural move.

Rochelle Olson