By one estimation, the value of the Vikings franchise has more than doubled since they last played in the Metrodome.

Forbes released its newest 50 most valuable sports teams, and the Vikings come in at No. 30, tied with the Boston Celtics and right in the middle of a list dominated by NFL teams. The Dallas Cowboys rank No. 1 at an estimated $4.2 billion with the Vikings slotted at 17th among the 29 NFL teams listed.

However, the Vikings have exceeded even the rapidly rising dollar level of the NFL as a whole. Minnesota's 38 percent increase to $2.2 billion ranks as the third-largest one-year jump among all sports franchises.

That is also the third-largest jump in the NFL, with the Los Angeles Rams (100 percent) and Oakland Raiders (47 percent) the only teams seeing a steeper increase in value. Moving a franchise, especially to Los Angeles or Las Vegas, is a gold mine for a projected selling point. So is getting a shiny new stadium.