Training camp practice guidelines for 2020

Aug. 3-11 Acclimatization period

• 60 minutes in weight room and 60 minutes of on-field conditioning in small groups under 15.

• No conditioning tests during this period.

• Walk-throughs permitted up to 60 minutes on each of the first four days and up to 75 minutes on each of final four days.

• Aug. 8 was off day.

Aug. 12-16 Gradual ramp-up period

•Maximum of 3½ hours on field daily.

•First practice starts at 90 minutes, with maximum 15 minutes daily increase, up to a daily maximum of 120 minutes.

• Remainder of daily 3½-hour on-field time limit applied to walk-through.

• Helmets and approved protective shirts permitted on Aug. 12 and 13.

• Aug. 14 and Aug. 16 are non-padded practice days with no live contact and helmets, spiders and shells permitted.

• Aug. 15 will be an off day.

Aug. 17-Sept. 6 Contact integration period

• Padded practices can begin.

• Duration starts at 90 minutes with 15-minute daily increases.

• No increase or decrease in duration following an off day.

• Maximum of 14 padded practices during the contact integration period.