Leslie Frazier’s enthusiasm for this week’s Senior Bowl activities isn’t waning. The Vikings head coach continues to stress the positives he and his staff are taking away from coaching the North squad this week, able to learn an awful lot about a large group of draft prospects.

Evaluating talent and athleticism is one thing. Getting a feel for a player’s personality and character is a whole different project. Later this evening, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman will walk a handful of Twin Cities-based reporters through the behind-the-scenes interview process that the team is using with players this week.

At this evening’s press conference, Frazier again emphasized the worth of the personal interactions this week is providing.

“The fact that we can interact with them in meetings, we can go to the dining hall with them, we can stand on the practice field and talk about things, it’s an ongoing interview,” Frazier said. “Unlike at the combine when you may get them for 15 or 20 minutes, this is a week-long interview we have with these players. So you really get a great feel for the character of a person, their compete, how much they want what we think they need to have to be successful at the NFL level. So it’s a great situation for us to have a week-long interview in a somewhat intimate setting. And it’s one that really we can create. We can create the environment we want to create.”

And if character concerns are an issue with players, Frazier knows discovering and addressing those issues now will give the Vikings a head start going into next month’s combine.

“If we see some red flags – and our scouting department and our security department has already given us some information – but if there are some other red flags that are raised while we’re here, we can alert them to that and have them do a little bit more background check prior to getting to the combine. So that’s another advantage that we may get that some other teams might now have.”