I didn’t spend as much time with John Gagliardi as many Minnesota sportswriters, but my time with him was memorable.
One time I visited his office and every time I asked him a question about his success, or the program’s, he would say, ``You know, I might have something here on that.’’
He would reach into his bookshelf or desk and produce a piece of paper on which were typed the Johnnie’s historical accomplishments.
He was a beauty.
And he was the kind of great football coach I found inspiring - one who didn’t think you had to be a fascist to be a leader, didn’t need to damage people to win.
Rest in peace, John.

Wrote about Adam Thielen for the Sunday paper, and he mentioned idolizing Joe Mauer and wearing Latrell Sprewell’s shoes.
I also spoke with Rochester native Marcus Sherels. Sherels does few interviews and doesn’t like talking about himself. He has quietly built an admirable career with his savvy and toughness.
Who did he idolize growing up? He praised Mauer, but his heros were two Gopher football stars - his brother, Mike, and the great Darrell Thompson, who has always been his mentor.

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