This is a quick recap filed a tthe conclusion of the Vikings-49ers game. My actual column will be online later and in the Monday paper.   

Kirk Cousins made a successful debut under difficult circumstances on Sunday, throwing two touchdown passes as the Vikings beat San Francisco, 24-16. 

Cousins threw two touchdown passes on which he displayed his accuracy, and survived a spotty offensive line performance against a strong defense in his first game as the Vikings’ highly-paid franchise quarterback. 

His 22-yard touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs had to be thrown perfectly, and was. That came early in the second quarter and gave the Vikings a 10-3 lead. 

His 11-yard touchdown pass to Kyle Rudolph in the third quarter made it 24-6, and then he and the Vikings held on, sometimes shakily. 

Cousins threw a few passes that could have been intercepted, and he dove head-first in an attempt to run for a first down, putting his head and right shoulder at risk and winding up short. 

It’s hard to argue with his final numbers and the final result. Cousins finished 20-for-35 for 244 yards and no interceptions. He did not complete a pass in the fourth quarter, but his hard count drew the 49ers offside on a fourth-and-one, giving the Vikings a first down that helped them kill the clock in the fourth quarter.

Given the quality of the opposing defense, the inability to run the ball and his lack of playing time with his skill position players, Cousins was impressive. And now he gets to compare himself and his team to Aaron Rodgers, on Sunday at Green Bay.

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