So we once again wait for the Vikings to tell us who is going to start at quarterback. The last time this happened, Joe Webb got himself cut.

Whenever your local team is mulling an important personnel decision, ask yourself this:

Who would the opponent like you to start?

The Titans would much rather face Shaun Hill than Sam Bradford.

They know how Hill runs this offense. They know he can't throw the deep out. They know he can't move. They know the Vikings really don't want to start him.

Bradford may not be as acclimated to the offense, but he can make more throws, can attack a defense's weaknesses with more accuracy and arm strength.

The Titans would rather see Hill. Which is why the Vikings should start Bradford.

Then there this is: What if HIll started and performed surprisingly well? Wouldn't it be awkward to start Bradford in Week 2?

There is no reason to believe Hill would outperform Bradford on Sunday, and there is every reason to believe that playing in a real game would help Bradford acclimate to the Vikings' offense.


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