Here’s what I’m watching for tonight, as the Star Tribune blanket-covers the Washington-Vikings game tonight at U.S. Bank Stadium:

Washington’s defense is not bad. Ryan Kerrigan, Josh Norman and Landon Collins are quality players and the defense is not what got Jay Gruden fired.

On offense, though, Washington is limited. Coach BIll Callahan loves running the ball and tonight he is likely to rely on a banged-up Adrian Peterson. Can a thirst for revenge overcome bad ankles? I doubt it, but I’m not surprised that Peterson will try to prove that it’s possible.

Case Keenum has returned to the form he’s shown in every season except 2017.

So what do the Vikings have to worry about?

Terry McLaurin. If the Vikings handle him, Washington is unlikely to threaten their defense.

McLaurin is the rookie third-round pick out of Ohio State, and like Mike Thomas before him he has adapted quickly to the NFL.

In six games with a dysfunctional offense he’s caught 24 passes for 419 yards and five touchdowns. Only two receivers have more touchdowns - Adam Thielen and Chris Godwin.

McLaurin runs excellent routes and will catch the ball over the middle. It will be interesting to see whether the Vikings regularly double-team him, or have Xavier Rhodes follow him.

If the Vikings handle McLaurin, they could be in for an easy victory.

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