As the Vikings' quarterback situation has fluctuated — to put it mildly — in recent weeks, so too have their chances of winning the Super Bowl. I've seen the Vikings' odds as strong as 16-to-1 before the Bridgewater injury, and I've seen them as bad as 45-1 after the injury but before the addition of Sam Bradford.

Vegas odds don't mean a ton, but again: the folks who set the lines didn't get all of those beautiful buildings constructed by being wrong.

So it's at least somewhat interesting to check in on the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook odds and what they have to say about the Vikings' Super Bowl chances.

The Vikings opened at 20-1, which presumably was right after the Super Bowl — and when Bridgewater was firmly entrenched as their quarterback.

And as of Monday, with Bradford at quarterback … they are right back where they started at 20-1.

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