It sounds as if the Seattle Seahawks are intent on getting rid of wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh either by trading him or releasing him.

This has led to speculation that the Vikings might be interested in the veteran. On the surface this makes sense, given that the Vikings pursued Houshmandzadeh as a free agent in March 2009 and given the fact the Vikings have some concerns about their receiver position with Sidney Rice (hip) probably out for half the season and Percy Harvin's migraine headaches being a concern.

However, it sounds as if the speculation is incorrect. According to NFL sources, the Vikings are not pursuing Houshmandzadeh this time around.

This could be an indication the Vikings are confident that doctors have made a breakthrough in solving the puzzle that had become Harvin's issues with migraines. Houshmandzadeh is a slot receiver and Harvin can play in the slot.  It more likely means the Vikings are pleased with slot receiver Greg Camarillo, who was obtained from Miami for cornerback Benny Sapp last month.

Chip and I are projecting the Vikings will keep five wide receivers when they do cut their roster to 53 on Saturday. The list likely will include Harvin, Bernard Berrian, Greg Lewis, Camarillo and Javon Walker.