Denver -

The Vikings' 23-20 loss at Denver on Sunday was emblematic of their recent struggles.

They've lost five straight road games, and their only road victories the last two years were at Tampa Bay, which is and was horrible, and St. Louis, which is as bizarre and unreliable a team as there is in the NFL.

They also haven't beaten what you can honestly call a good team since the end of the 2012 season, when they won that epic struggle over Green Bay in the Metrodome.

So while losing close to a good team on the road is somewhat impressive, perhaps even encouraging, it's also old news. The Vikings will have to learn to win these kinds of games if they're going to be a playoff team.


The offensive line will come under fire for allowing the Broncos' pass rush to dominate the first half.

More blame should be placed on the Vikings' tight ends and backs.

The Vikings knew the Broncos had an advantage, and kept Kyle Rudolph and Adrian Peterson in to block frequently on pass plays. Neither did well. Rudolph had at least one complete whiff on a block that led to a Bridgewater sack. Peterson missed early and often, and his miss on a block of T.J. Ward caused the fumble that ended the Vikings' comeback.

Peterson took responsibility for that miss, but he's had a full NFL career to learn to pass block and has neglected to do so.


I'll say it one more time: The Vikings should have spent the money they gave kicker Blair Walsh on fullback Jerome Felton, who left for a contract with the Bills that is remarkably similar to Walsh's.

Felton would have helped Peterson run against quality defenses, and he could have helped in pass protection.


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