If only we had more time to break down the NFL’s 2020 draft. But, eventually, actual picks will have to be made via this all-virtual exercise.

We do have 6 hours, 29 minutes and 43 … 42 … 41 seconds before the Bengals are on the clock. So here are some of our readers’ questions. Thanks to all who sent us questions:

I don’t see that happening. At all. The Vikings have too many needs to burn that kind of draft capital and money on any one player. They lost eight players who contributed to last year’s defense, including five starters if you count Mackensie Alexander. To date, they’ve addressed their defensive holes by signing Michael Pierce. The pressure is on GM Rick Spielman to not only acquire quality but quantity as well.

That is a possibility, I think, if their draft board is deep enough at pressing areas of need. But with 12 picks, they won’t be desperate to trade down for more picks. So another team is going to have to make it worthwhile. What’s the 25th pick worth? Well, here’s an example of equal value, if you trust the draft trade calculators out there: For the 25th pick, the Vikings could fetch from the Colts a second (44th), third (75th) and fourth (122).  I think I’d want more than that to move a pick out of the first round.

Good question. I have them taking the Utah kid, Jaylon Johnson, with the 25th pick because the book on him is he’s the kind of physical press corner Zim likes. But he’s also coming off shoulder surgery. Ben Goessling has them taking TCU’s Jeff Gladney, and Ben has a good track record of predicting Vikings draft picks. Gladney isn’t a big corner, but neither is Mike Hughes. I think LSU’s Kristian Fulton will be off the board, but he also could be available.

Thaddeus Moss. Randy returns the favor and presents him in Canton, Ohio.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see them draft a quarterback on Day 3. They like Jake Browning and he now has time in the system. But decision-makers should never take their eye off the future at that position. As for the IOL position, I wouldn’t be shocked to see them take someone as high as the third round, especially if Spielman is able to move down and get another third-rounder. Their overall track record of Day 3 OL picks hasn’t been the best.

I doubt he’s off their board entirely, but common sense would suggest they’d be very hesitant to pull the trigger on that one after the ugly breakup with a guy who is Trevon’s older brother and father figure.

Like a lot of people, I think there will be four tackles taken in the top 10. I could be wrong, but I don’t see Becton’s flagged drug test at the combine causing him to fall. I could be wrong in a big way, but I have him going fourth to the Giants. If he were to experience once of those tragic draft-day tumbles, the Vikings should grab him at 22. I think they’ll make Josh Jones the fifth tackle taken. After him, there’s Ezra Cleveland, who could go higher, and Cesar Ruiz, considered the best interior lineman available.

I think that’s too high, but history might not look kindly on those who underestimated the Winfield genes. Especially when his play looks a lot like the old man’s. I have the Chiefs taking him with the last pick in the first round if they don’t trade down. That seems like a reach, but it would be a really good fit for both sides.

I would not be shocked if they took two corners in the first round. But I doubt that will be the case. I think where they are in the round will call for an offensive lineman. Or if one of those two defensive tackles — Brown or Kinlaw — gets pushed down, the value would be awfully high to pass on.

I think they will. Ben  has Tyler Johnson as a possibility in the fifth round. I think I’d gamble a fifth-rounder on Johnson.

Interesting question. I suppose it is something to consider if you think your team needs one last piece to win the Super Bowl. Just be careful when you feel that way (see: Walker, Herschel). I think teams will operate based on the assumption that there will be a season.

I don’t see them trading up in the first round. They have too many needs. But it also depends on how far they’d have to go up to get a player they really like who is falling further than expected. It seems to me they’d have to go way too high to get the top DB and too high to get in front of the teams that want the top receiver. The draft trade calculators say the 22 and 25 picks are equal to the 7th pick.

Slim and none. Eric was the best middle linebacker in the league last year. He impacts the defense just fine where he is. An inside backer with a chance to start right away would take one of those first-round picks. As for Barr, the team values him more than the fans do. But I think even the team is looking for more big plays from him. I think that’s one reason Dom Capers was brought on board. I think Anthony has a lot of 3-4 type skills, which obviously is the reason the Jets threw all that money at him last year.

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