The Star Tribune has four writers and an editor at U.S. Bank Stadium and five photographers working in and around the stadium today for the Vikings' game against the Bears, as well as a writer and coordinator working at home, plus our usual sports staff in the office. We don't just provide team coverage of the Vikings, we provide the coverage of a very large, experienced team.

What I'll be looking for today as the Vikings play the Bears:

Can the Vikings' interior offensive line handle Bears defensive tackle Akiem Hicks?

If Hicks had remained healthy and active for the full length of the first game between these teams, I think the Bears would have won. Hicks was ruining the Vikings' running game.

Through three quarters, Dalvin Cook had rushed 19 times for 39 yards. When Hicks left with an injury in the fourth quarter, Cook carried 11 times for 57 yards and the Vikings rallied to win, 19-13.

Hicks weighs about 350 pounds. The Vikings' interior offensive linemen don't match him for size or strength, but at least the line is healthy.

Cook also won't be running on the sandy Soldier Field turf, so he might have more luck getting outside and avoiding Hicks.

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