The Vikings are 4-0. Their next game is at home against the Houston Texans, then they have a bye week, followed by a visit to Philadelphia.

Who knew that Carson Wentz might end up being the biggest threat to the Vikings remaining undefeated in Week 7?

Given the Vikings' outstanding play and the early struggles of a number of NFL teams, the Vikings' schedule suddenly looks quite easy.

The Eagles on the road should be a challenge. I'm not sure I see another game that looks like a major challenge until the Vikings travel to Green Bay for their next to last game.

That doesn't mean the Vikings are going to go 15-1. Upsets happen. But you could see the Vikings being favored in about 10 of their next 12 games.

Throw in an upset loss, and it wouldn't be shocking to see this team go 13-3. That's presuming the team stays healthy, which is never a logical assumption.

Entering the season, I thought this was an 11-win team that would win the division. Now, the Vikings look better than that, thanks to their dominance and the struggles of so many teams on their schedule.


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