After Adrian Peterson knocked us off track over the weekend, today we jump back on course and finish off our two part series. Last week, we dove in and discussed some of The Most Underrated Players on roster with the Minnesota Vikings. Today, we round it out with The Most Overrated Minnesota Vikings Players.

Again, the term “overrated” can mean a few different things. It can be a player that is being overpaid and not living up to their billing. It could be a player that receives unwarranted praise from the front office. And it could be a player who sells tons of jerseys and is a fan favorite while not producing on the field. It’s up to interpretation, so if you disagree, please jump on in the comments section below and plead your case!

Brian Robison, 8th season out of Texas:
Hands down one of the nicest guys on the Minnesota Vikings roster, one year into a 4-year $22.4MM contract, Brian is not living up to the billing. Credited with 4.5 sacks and only 17 solo tackles in 2014, B-Rob didn’t serve as much more than the experienced vet for this team last year. 2014 was the first year without Jared Allen on the other end of the line and Robison seemed to miss his former cohort. In what would become his worst season since becoming a starter, Robison left a lot to be desired and may have gone as far as pushing the Vikings out into the market for a defensive end during the offseason. They’ll already be looking to replace Corey Wootten, might as well grab a guy with starting potential and push Brian a little bit.

Blair Walsh, 3rd season out of Georgia:
Once thought to have been the cream of the crop, something has gone amiss with Blair Walsh. Finishing the season, 26 of 35 kicking field goals, Walsh’s 74.3% was good enough to finish 34th in the league for field goal accuracy. Mainly struggling from 50+, Blair kicked 5 for 9 from a distance that was once his forte. It wasn’t just the field goal game that was a struggle for Blair last season. With 48 touchbacks, Walsh finished 9th in the league last season. His average kickoff distance 68.2 yards was bottom half of the league, his average starting point of the 21.9 yard line, also bottom half of the league, and his max hang time of 4.55 seconds...also bottom half of the league. He’s still on his rookie contract, so the dollars are not hurting the Vikings yet, but something has gone amiss with the kicker.

Matt Kalil, 3rd season out of USC:
Overpaid, underperforming and disinterested...should we leave it at that? Finishing the season as the 81st ranked tackle across the league, Kalil admittedly had a down season. Recovering from a knee injury, losing focus on the field and allowing his frustration boil over, Kalil had such a bad season that there is a legitimate concern that the Vikings will need to start looking for a replacement in the near future. To his credit, Kalil is better when he pulls for a run play, but my oh my, his pass protection in 2014 was hideous. Your turn, go ahead and pile on...

Phil Loadholt, 6th season out of Oklahoma:
Benefitting from all the negative attention paid towards Kalil, Loadholt skated under the radar for most of the season before bowing out in November with a torn pectoral. In the 732 snaps that he did play, Loadholt struggled to contain edge rushers utilizing speed around the corner. While the performance was sub-par, couple that with a nearly $7MM cap hit and you have a position where the angst of the fans will reside.

Cordarrelle Patterson, 2nd season out of Tennessee: it’s time for Cordarrelle. A stretch from the get go, Cordarrelle came out of the gates hot as a rookie, mainly having an impact on special teams but finding a niche role within the offense as well. 2014 was a much different season, to the point where by the end of the season he was a reserve receiver. Patterson was given an offseason plan from the head coach to get with a mentor and work through some of the hurdles that he faced last season. Last week, head coach Mike Zimmer chatted with KFAN’s Paul Allen and didn’t exactly give a ringing endorsement for Patterson’s offseason efforts. In fact, it almost read as if CP has not connected with the suggested mentor but it utilizing his own efforts instead. Whatever the case, Patterson needs to figure out how to be a wide receiver and fast or he’s going to be out of the league sooner rather than later. A fantastic physical talent, Cordarrelle needs to figure it out between the ears if he wants to retain his first-round value and land a pay-day in the future.


Well, there’s my list. Did I miss anybody? Do you wholeheartedly disagree with me? Throw it in the comments below and let me know what you think. While you’re at it, hop on over to Part One: The 5 Most Underrated Vikings Players and see what you think of that.