Mayor Betsy Hodges joined me at the Star Tribune's State Fair booth on Thursday, to discuss a wide range of issues facing the city. 

The conversation touched on stadiums, tax levies, transit, gentrification and climate change. Click the video above to watch our conversation. Below is a list of the questions we covered, and their respective times. 

Is there still hope for a Minneapolis soccer stadium? (:46)

Is percent change in the tax levy the best way to announce the annual budget? (1:30)

Would Southwest light rail funds be better spent on improving the local bus system? (3:32)

Are buses getting the level of investment they need these days? (4:57)

Can North Side growth be accomplished without pushing out existing residents? (5:25)

Do we need more regional oversight over the construction and use of sports stadiums? (8:13) 

Do you fault St. Paul for granting MLS a tax exemption to build a soccer stadium? (9:39)

Why is the city discussing a special “road and bridges” levy? (10:17)

What’s the story behind the upcoming climate change meeting in New York? (11:43) 

Should climate change be addressed more at the federal level, rather than by individual cities? (13:15)

Should Minneapolis be more aggressively combatting its loss of industrial tax base and jobs? (14:12)