A challenge on and off battlefield

Ever since “The Witcher’s” 2007 debut, the series has been raising the bar for choice and consequence in role-playing games. “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” (Warner Bros., PS4) is the most ambitious attempt yet — and one of the best games in recent years, providing a stimulating challenge on and off the battlefield. What makes the choices so interesting is the immersive world that they shape. From snowy mountain tops to beautiful waterfalls, the creators have fashioned a landscape with excruciating details that make it a thrill to explore. You never know when you might find a hidden cave, discover a hidden treasure underwater or run into drunken bar fights. The gameplay has also vastly improved. This is the most accessible entry yet, thanks to different difficulty settings, a better interface and a less demanding alchemy system.

Kimberley Wallace, Game Informer