Start your engines

"Project Cars" ­(Bandai Namco, PS4) doesn't radically change the sim-racing genre, but longtime enthusiasts should take heed of this new franchise. The career mode lets you start in any one of 16 series, all the way from karts to Formula One-level vehicles. At the end of each year you can stay in the same series or accept a contract to race elsewhere. You can accept invitations for one-off events in other series during the season for a little variety. The lack of a monetary system confers more freedom and is less stressful. The game contains more than 60 cars (many licensed), but cars aren't the showpieces relative to other sim series. This makes the game sound hard-core, but thanks to numerous customization options, it's only as hard as you want it to be. In a genre where it can be hard to differentiate yourself, "Project Cars" makes its mark.

Matthew Kato, Game Informer