Last January, the classic “Resident Evil” was revamped in high-def for new video game consoles. Now, a year later, we have “Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster” ($20 download for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC; available on disc as part of “Resident Evil: Origins Collection” for $40; rated Mature).

Originally released in 2002, “Zero” finds S.T.A.R.S. rookie officer Rebecca Chambers teaming up with escaped convict Billy Coen in a prequel to the earlier horror survival game.

The new widescreen visuals look fantastic, but they can’t disguise what has always been clunky, slow game play — even with control refinements in this remade edition. Still, “Resident Evil” has succeeded on its creepiness factor, and improved sound boosts the original fright-fest immeasurably. Once you reacquaint yourself with the molasses-like progression through the haunted locales, the overall experience remains a retro-blast.

Beat the game once, and you can unlock a mode to ditch Billy and partner with eventual series baddie Albert Wesker.