Vice President Mike Pence spent a night in Minnesota where he will raise money for Republicans ahead of a Wednesday morning rally in Minneapolis aimed at spreading the GOP’s campaign message.

“On our way to talk about the Trump tax cuts: The American economy is booming under @POTUS Trump — and we’re just getting started,” Pence said on Twitter en route from North Dakota, where he appeared on Tuesday.

Pence arrived at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday and traveled to a fundraiser in Golden Valley, which was not open to the press.

Pence will deliver remarks Wednesday morning at an event called “Tax Cuts to Put America First,” at the Minneapolis Convention Center at 9:30. Republican U.S. Reps. Erik Paulsen, Tom Emmer and Jason Lewis were scheduled to participate.

Before Pence even arrived, DFL Chairman Ken Martin greeted him with a political attack: “Pence is descending on Minnesota to peddle the GOP’s tax scam,” Martin said in a statement. “This bill is Robin Hood in reverse. It takes from hardworking Minnesotans to give massive tax breaks to the wealthy.”

National Republicans are paying close attention this year to Minnesota, which will feature two U.S. Senate races, as well as four competitive U.S. House contests that could determine control of Congress.

Republicans hope Pence will fire up the GOP base in President Donald Trump’s first midterm election, in what figures to be a difficult political environment.

The opposition party has won congressional seats during five of the past six presidents’ first terms, with the exception of President George W. Bush in 2002.

President Barack Obama’s party suffered a landslide in 2010 that delivered control of the U.S. House to Republicans.

Republicans hope economic growth, low unemployment and fatter paychecks from the tax cut Trump signed last year will translate into votes in November.

They are also likely to enjoy a campaign cash advantage that Pence will add to during his time here.

Democrats are sunny about their voters’ enthusiasm, strong candidate recruitment and a chance to run against Trump as he continues to be dogged by investigations and scandals.