How do you get a St. Bernard weighing well over 100 pounds down from outside a second-story window? Very carefully.

The dog found its way onto an overhang outside an upstairs window of a home in Spring Lake Park.

Responding firefighters found the dog on a small perch above a ground-level door. Renee Roth, dog-sitting for her son, was leaning out the window. She had a grip on one end of a leash, and Whiskey the St. Bernard was on the other end.

“I remember looking dumbfounded and just saying, ‘wow,’ ” said Fire Department Lt. Anthony Scavo. “Whiskey had pushed the screen out of the open window and jumped out onto the roof.”

Firefighter David O’Keeffe went up a 16-foot ladder and got onto the slightly pitched overhang behind Whiskey, while Scavo and Duty Chief Jeremiah Anderson were positioned just inside the window.

O’Keeffe lifted the dog’s front legs up onto the windowsill, and Scavo and Anderson each grabbed a limb, the lieutenant said.

O’Keeffe then “lifted the rear legs up while ... Anderson [and I] safely pulled Whiskey into the house through the open window,” Scavo said.

Mission accomplished, one of the firefighters reported back to dispatch: “The animal rescue is complete. All units clear.”