Hey! You know what day it is? … It’s the 2010 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony day! I am so excited I really cannot express it in words. Last night we had our USA Flag raising ceremony and THAT was incredible. What a great way to end our day and gear us up for today! The energy I felt from being with my teammates, the other athletes and volunteers and seeing our American flag being honored is so special. You can’t help but to wish you can hear it again after your event is over and you’ve won Gold so you can see the flag raise again and sing our National anthem! And yes I cried … already 

Here are some pic's from last nights ceremony:)


Me, Allison and Nicole waiting in the Olympic Village stage area for the ceremony to begin.


The official Olympic Flag


American Flag


Performance by Aboriginal People after the flag raising ceremony.


And then they invited all the USA athletes to come up on stage to celebrate and dance! So we did!


For you Grey's Anatomy lovers ... its me and Sandra Oh! I know right! Anyways she was the MC for the flag ceremony and did a phenomenal job!