SALT LAKE CITY — A U.S. Airways flight from Phoenix to Vancouver, Canada, landed at Salt Lake City International Airport after the crew was alerted to a possible problem with the hydraulic system.

The 130 passengers and five crew members aboard Flight 504 were unharmed during the incident Wednesday night, Brianna Jackson, a spokeswoman for American Airlines, which owns U.S. Airways, said Thursday.

The crew requested priority handling as the airplane entered the airport, and the Airbus A320 landed without any problems at 10:57 p.m., Jackson said.

Salt Lake City International Airport said the landing occurred late Wednesday or early Thursday, but neither the airport nor the airline gave an exact time.

The plane was diverted out of an abundance of caution, Jackson said.

The plane is being inspected by maintenance crews, she said. Passengers were put on another aircraft and arrived safely in Vancouver early Thursday morning.