More news from the campaign trail


In California on Thursday, presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told the American Legislative Exchange Council that he is “for real reform in Washington. I know it can work. It’s worked in our state.” Walker also touted his support for taxpayer funding for vouchers for private schools, a longtime priority for the group. Walker’s super PAC Unintimidated released an online ad of highlights from his presidential campaign announcement earlier this month.


The Democratic National Committee is reversing its Obama-era ban on fundraising from lobbyists and political action committees — at least when it comes to building a massive war chest for its 2016 convention and taking in cash raised by primary candidates for joint fundraising accounts. The change, announced Thursday, brings the party’s fundraising policies back in line with its practices before Barack Obama became the nominee in 2008. When he secured the nomination, Obama aligned the DNC’s fundraising rules with those of his campaign.


Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, on Friday will propose modification of the tax rate on capital gains, which includes profit from the sale of everything from stocks and bonds to rental property. To reward longer-term investment, she would restore a new and lower tax rate for capital gains on investments held for longer periods of time. Clinton also is expected to call for a higher top rate for the richest Americans. That would be a reversal of her 2008 campaign stance.

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